Gender-smart approaches can be integrated across all investment operations, including during origination, due diligence, investment analysis and decision-making, deal structuring, and portfolio management and reporting. Factoring gender in each of these stages can help to identify and maximise opportunities to address gender gaps and create value.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6
Deal originationGender due diligenceGender analysisDeal structuring, terms and leversPortfolio management and measurementExits
Assess networks for gender imbalance

Adapt sourcing channels

Screen companies with a gender lens
Gather sex -disaggregated data from the potential investee company

Ask questions to assess gender-based opportunities and risks
Analyze sex-disaggregated data gathered in due diligence to identify gender gaps

Define and agree actions to achieve a gender outcome with the investee company
Consider how to influence progress towards a gender outcome with investment products and structures

Incorporate levers into legal agreements that promote gender outcomes
Identify gender activities to focus on with the investee company

Ensure investee ownership

Establish gender action plan with the investee company

Monitor investee company milestones towards gender outcome
Ensure exit maintains gender lens strategy

Calculate return on investment for gender outcomes with a linkage to commercial KPIs

Source: Private Equity and Value Creation: A Fund Manager’s Guide to Gender-smart Investing