In November 2020 we published with IFC, Private Equity and Value Creation: A Fund Managers Guide to Gender-Smart Investing, providing fund managers with a roadmap on how to strengthen gender diversity at the firm level, and incorporate a gender lens into investment decision-making at the portfolio level.

The guide combines learnings from BII and IFC’s experience with over 160 Fund Managers and draws on best practices with a series of case studies from stakeholders across the private equity ecosystem. While directed at private equity fund managers, namely General Partners, many of the approaches set out in the guide can be adopted by Limited Partners, and private sector investors across asset classes.

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Navigating the guide

The guide sets out actions Fund Managers can adopt across two levels: Firm and Portfolio.

Under each level are unique sections that follow the investment process. It is designed to be read in its consecutive order or by unique section, recognising that fund managers may be looking for guidance for different points of the process.