After a gender diagnostic is conducted and specific gender goals have been identified, a Gender Action Plan (GAP) can be developed to map out the key activities to achieve these goals. The GAP is a roadmap that connects activities to projected outputs and outcomes, laying out specific targets, action points, timelines, performance indicators, assigned responsibilities and budget and resource requirements. The GAP can be managed by those who are responsible for leading and overseeing gender interventions and activities. It should also be used as a guiding and referencing document for teams carrying out actions and can help to encourage buy-in internally and from other stakeholders.

The GAP template provides an example structure that can be used and adapted. There is also an example GAP drawn up for a fictional investment opportunity to demonstrate real-life application.

Fund managers and companies can also use other frameworks for prioritising and planning gender interventions, such as a Theory of Change or Impact Pathway. A Theory of Change can help to map out how activities and outputs will lead to desired outcomes. The example Theory of Change shows how one investee has used this framework to map out outputs to reach their targeted outcomes.

Further tips on designing and implementing a GAP and Theory of Change can be found in the section on Portfolio Management in Private Equity and Value Creation: A Fund Manager’s Guide to Gender-smart Investing.